Severed Heads: Come Visit the Big Bigot (Dark Entries DE-180 2xLP)


Post-punk – 1986 'Severed Heads' reissued in high-quality over 2xLP.

A1. Come Visit The Big Bigot

A2. Twenty Deadly Diseases

A3. Army

A4. Phantasized Persecutory Breast

A5. Casey's Ion

A6. Propellor

B1. Confidence

B2. Sam Loves You

B3. Strange Brew

B4. Harold and Cindy Hospital

B5. Legion

C1. Harold And Cindy Hospital (Casualty Mix)

C2. Twenty Deadly Diseases (Extended Mix)

C3. Disease 22

C4. Disease 23

D1. Son Of

D2. George The Animal

D3. Nature 10

D4. Propellor Three (Kamikazee Mix)

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